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Sport Injuries

As well as reacting to existing sports injuries, deep tissue massage can help prevent problems as well.

Many injuries originate from muscle dysfunction and regular, excessive or repetitive training can make tissues hard and inelastic, which can increase your chances of injury and hinder performance.

Circulation can be restricted, which deprives the tissues of oxygen.

Metabolic waste products can also accumulate in the tissue, which causes pain. Massage can improve circulation by warming and stretching the tissue. Scar tissue and adhesions can be broken down to improve the elasticity of your muscles, and this in turn helps you relax, reduce pain and decrease injury risk.

My work with sporting individuals across the county and country has helped me develop a range of treatments appropriate for sportsmen and women taking part in professional and recreational sports.
Sports therapy has a wide range of benefits for people with muscular difficulties. If you are experiencing any of these problems, or if you want to find out more information, get in touch with me.
Worcester-based sports therapist
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11 Arboretum Road, Worcester, WR1 1NB
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